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School Counseling Department

Welcome to the WHS Counseling Department, where we are dedicated to supporting the personal, academic, and emotional growth of every student in our school community. Our team of experienced and compassionate counselors is committed to helping students navigate the challenges of their educational journey while fostering their well-being. On this website, you'll find valuable resources, information about our services, and ways to connect with us. We believe that every student's potential is limitless, and we are here to provide the guidance and support needed to help them succeed and thrive. For individual appointments students should either email their school counsleor or contact Kathleen Miceli,, our Administrative Assistant.  


K-12 Scope and Sequence

  • WHS Course Selection 2024-25


    1. Examine the Program of Studies. Read the 2024-25 Program of Studies, view the Departmental Course Sequences slideshow, and discuss your options with your parents/guardians. Use the time management and course selection worksheets below to help you plan.

    2. Discuss next year’s courses with your teachers. Each of your teachers will be discussing possible courses for next year. During the month of January, teachers will make recommendations for you, based on their knowledge of you as a student and criteria established by the department.

    3. Select courses in PowerSchool. On February 2nd at 3pm, course selection screens go live in PowerSchool.  Log in to the Student Portal and make your preliminary course selections.  Discuss your selections with your parent/guardian.

    4. Meet with your counselor individually.  In February and early March, counselors will meet with each of their students.  Counselors start with juniors, then sophomores, then freshmen.  Your appointment time will be emailed to you approximately one week in advance - don’t miss it!  Ensure that you have submitted your course selections in PowerSchool before meeting with your counselor.

    5. Confirm Course Selections/Requests.  In late March/early April, all families will be asked to review and confirm their course requests.  After April 12th, changes to course requests will not be permitted.

    6. Click on the links below for more information.


    WHS Graduation Planner

    Course Selection Calendar 24-25 School Year

    WHS Program of Studies 2024-2025

    Departmental Course Sequence 2024-2025

    Homework Estimates by Course

    Time Management Worksheet

    Course Selection Worksheet – Class of 2025

    Course Selection Worksheet – Class of 2026

    Course Selection Worksheet – Class of 2027

    Course Selection Instructions/ PowerSchool

  • SchooLinks Login Information


    SchooLinks Login Information



    Students can either click on the Log in with ClassLink button from the SchooLinks login page, or you can go to our Weston ClassLink dashboard and you will see SchooLinks as one of the apps available to you. 

    SchooLinks Login Information


    Logging into SchooLinks for Guardians

    Login to SchooLinks here and click the Guardian & Members tab.

    Then, you can log in using the Single Sign-On method you chose during sign up or by using the Email/Password you signed up with.

    Click Login to access your account.

    SchooLinks Login Information

    What features can you use on your own in SchooLinks?

    SchooLinks offers a number of features that allow you to aid students in their post-secondary goals.


    From the Guardian Dashboard, you can:

    • Complete Guardian To Dos assigned by school counselors

    • Register for district event

    Guardians can also execute a number of searches on their own in SchooLinks

    • Click the Colleges icon to search for Schools.

    • Click the Career icon to search for Careers and Opportunities.

    • Click the Finances icon to search for scholarships.

  • Class of 2023 WHS School Profile

    School Profile

  • All requests for Alumni Transcripts need to be made directly to Alana Cross, WHS Registrar, at  There is a $5 fee for each request.  Checks should be made payable to WHS Transcripts.   

  •  What now?

    The transition from middle school to high school can be a significant and sometimes challenging step for incoming freshmen. It's a time filled with excitement, uncertainty, and a sense of the unknown. School counselors play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting these young students as they navigate their way through this new academic and social landscape. During this school year, counselors will utilize DBT strategies and other resources to assist freshmen in making a successful transition to high school.


    Programming Calendar 

  • Who am I?

    Among the many pivotal stages in a student's academic life, the sophomore year stands out as a critical juncture for young individuals as they begin to explore their own interests, values, and ambitions. As students navigate the maze of academic and extracurricular opportunities, school counselors will serve as mentors and facilitators, helping sophomores embark on a voyage of self-discovery and chart a course towards a meaningful and fulfilling career. Fostering self-awareness will help lay the foundation for successful future career choices.

    Programming Calendar 

    Sophomore Parent Coffee Powerpoint


  • Please click here to visit the College and Career Counseling Page for Information regarding the Post-Secondary Process at Weston High School.  

    Road Map

    Programming Calendar 

  • Please click here to visit the College and Career Counseling Page for Information regarding the Post-Secondary Process at Weston High School.  


    Programming Calendar