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English Department Teachers


The mission of the English Language Arts Department is to prepare students for a vital and rapidly changing future by developing critical communication skills through complex thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. A multiplicity of eclectic experiences in reading and writing will provide students with opportunities to enhance their abilities and initiate their own growth. English Course Sequence

The concepts explored in these classes through thoughtful reading, discussion, and writing, promote depth of understanding, broadened perspective, and imaginative exploration, as well as connections to learning in other disciplines.  The literature selected by the department (novels, short stories, essays, plays, poetry, and nonfiction) encourages the study of a variety of voices--both classic and contemporary--that embrace these concepts.  

All sophomores will successfully complete a Sophomore Writing Portfolio. During this process, students will review major writing in grades 9 and 10, make choices about what pieces best represent them as writers, revise and edit the chosen pieces so as to showcase the best writing, and write a letter presenting the student and the portfolio pieces to the assessment team.