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Science & Technology

Science lab


The mission of the Science Department is to facilitate the development of students’ inquiry and critical thinking skills to enhance their understanding of the nature of science and the way scientists work.  Through the implementation of the goals and practices of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), students concentrate on exploring real-world phenomena, asking questions and developing hypotheses, designing experiments and analyzing data, designing and testing models, making evidence-based arguments and learning other skills that are associated with the work of real scientists.  Ultimately, students are provided with the science skills and knowledge they need to be well-informed citizens in our global society. Science Course Sequence


Students develop competencies in the following areas related to scientific literacy:

  • Demonstrate safe and proper laboratory procedures.

  • Describe natural phenomena with appropriate scientific terms.

  • Predict events based on scientific knowledge.

  • Apply scientific reasoning and knowledge to authentic situations.

  • Communicate scientific information using words, equations, graphs, and models as appropriate.

  • Relate the role of science in the past and present to current learning.

  • Design appropriate procedures to solve a problem.

  • Conduct investigations, collect data and record observations.

  • Interpret data, draw conclusions and assess their validity.


Engineering Projects

The mission of WHS Technology & Engineering courses is to develop students’ abilities to use, manage, assess, understand, and create technology.  Technology & Engineering education prepares students to become lifelong contributing members of our society who comprehend the impact of technology and use it to improve the quality of life for all people.  Courses in this area incorporate collaborative, application-oriented, activity-based strategies used to develop students’ creative thinking skills while solving real-world problems.  Students develop proficiency in basic technical skills and cultivate an appreciation for the benefits and challenges of a global technological society. Technology & Engineering Course Sequence