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Student Parking

Safety and security are our top priority and the basis for our regulations.  Bus transportation is provided for all students and its use is encouraged for environmental and safety reasons. Student driving to school is a privilege, not a right, and is limited by safety/space considerations.

Student drivers must register their vehicles in the Front Office. Students must have a WHS numbered parking permit in order to park vehicles on the school campus; students must park in their designated spaces.


  1. Neither cars nor the parking lot are to be used for lounging/loitering during the school day. Students may not be in cars during fire drills.
  2. Speed limit is 20 m.p.h.
  3. Obey all traffic and parking signs.
  4. Parking permits/tags must be displayed inside the upper passenger side windshield.

Violations for parking in authorized areas without a permit will include such consequences as fines, ticketing, loss of driving privileges for up to a year, legal consequences up to and including booting/towing at owner’s expense.

Link To Senior Parking Application  and Link to Safe Driver Pledge

Link to Junior Parking Application and Link to Safe Driver Pledge

When applying for a parking permit, carefully read the information below and on the application to and make sure you bring with you:

- The parking fee is $150 for applications taken August through December 22, 2023. The fee is $75 for applications taken January through June 2024). You can pay by check to Weston High School or via MySchoolBucks. 

- If you plan to drive two vehcles to school during the year, please purchase an additional sticker for $5.00 These can be purchased in the Main Office with exact cash, or in MySchoolBucks under “Parking.Vehicles without stickers will be ticketed. 

- Please pay your outstanding class dues payment ($40 per year) by check.  You can pay dues in MySchoolBucks when you receive the emailed invoice. If you have a question about your dues balance, please call the Main Office.

-Bring a copy of all documentation listed on the application.


*All book accountabilities must be paid for to get a permit. If there is a question of return, please pay the amount and then discuss with the teacher or library staff once school starts. Refunds can be issued if the book is located.