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Students present math project


The mission of the Mathematics program is to develop the ability, interests, and talents of every student while creating an understanding of mathematical concepts and problem solving, a proficiency in skills and techniques, and an appreciation of the elegance of mathematical reasoning, and a desire for further study of mathematics. 


The Mathematics program consists of three core pathways and three elective courses. The core programs are designed to provide each student with four years of sequential instruction at a level appropriate to a student’s ability. The elective courses provide all students with the opportunity to investigate special interests and meet special needs. To achieve this goal, the department program provides the following:



  • Three core pathways of mathematics in algebra and geometry, employing different classroom approaches, but arranged to provide maximum flexibility of movement from one program to another.

  • Advanced courses in pre-calculus (at two levels of rigor) and calculus (at three levels of rigor).

  • Elective courses in statistics and personal finance.

  • Elective courses in coding

  • Opportunity to study for advanced placement and college credit in calculus.

  • Opportunity for students to work as classroom aides and resource center assistants.

  • Instruction for all students in the use of handheld graphing calculators.


Program Sequence Grades 9-12

Placement in mathematics courses depends on performance and meeting prerequisites rather than only grade level. Movement between levels can and does occur. Eighth grade students successfully completing Geometry may be recommended for Honors Algebra 2 or Standard Algebra 2. Eighth grade students successfully completing Algebra 1 may be recommended for Honors Geometry, Standard Geometry, or in some cases, Accelerated Algebra & Geometry. Eighth grade students completing Math 8 may be recommended for Accelerated Algebra & Geometry or Algebra 1. Math Course Sequence


Prerequisite Skills for Honors Level Courses

The following prerequisite skill packets detail the skills, concepts, and level of rigor a student is expected to know for Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, and Honors Precalculus. Parents and students, please take the time to review the packets prior to enrolling in any of these honors level courses. Upon beginning the course in the Fall, be sure to review any concepts you're feeling unsure about so that you feel confident going into the course and have a higher likelihood of success. 

Honors Geometry

Honors Algebra 2

Honors Precalculus